We know going back to school looks different this year, but kids still need school supplies whether they are learning from home or returning to the classroom. Luckily, our favorite holiday of the year is here to fill our closets and stock our backpacks without breaking the bank. Texas’ annual Tax-Free Weekend is coming up, so start thinking ahead because the festivities begin Friday, August 7th and last through Sunday, August 9th. This holiday packs a lot of savings but can be a tad overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you navigate the best shopping weekend of the summer for a stress-free tax-free weekend.


Know Your Dates.

This tax-free shopping experience is only happening over the weekend of Friday, August 7th through Sunday, August 9th. However, every year, stores across the state accompany this massive deal with special sales extended throughout the week. Hello, back-to-school shopping month!


Read the Fine Print.

Every retailer is required to participate, but they are not required to offer the tax-free discount on-site. Instead, the retailer may charge you in full and ask that you request a refund for the difference. Save yourself the hassle of filing for a refund by asking about their policy, checking out their website and keeping your receipts just in case.


Don’t Max Out.

Note-to-self: items priced over $100 are not tax-exempt, which means you might want to save those items for your tax-return shopping trip in the spring. You can, however, spend more than $100 at once; just make sure any single item does not exceed the price maximum. 


Know what’s Included

The official list of tax-free eligible items is available online and can help you save time, plan and prepare for the school year ahead! Some things are taxable, like handbags and watches, but basics like socks and jackets are exempt. Prioritize the items on your shopping list that are offered tax-free this weekend, and then use your savings for that adorable new handbag next weekend.

List of Clothing, Shoes and Other Items

List of School Supplies


Plan Ahead.

Research, research, research! Discover which stores are offering savings on top of tax-free weekend and map out all the stores you want to visit before you leave the house. Check out all the official info here.