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Staying Fit While Staying Home 

Staying Fit While Staying Home

Adjusting to the new normal of at-home workouts doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Although modified workouts aren’t always easy, they can definitely be fun and a great excuse to try new types of exercise! Our editors have selected the essentials for self-quarantined success. Read on to find workout classes that work for you and equipment tricks to help keep you fit!


At-Home Workout Classes

Gyms and instructors are hard at work to offer free online sessions and classes to keep you in the loop with their latest workouts. Check out some of these at-home programs below to get your workout in:



Don’t have access to a private gym? No problem! We’ve done the research to help you utilize common household items to help you step up your at-home gym game!

  • Run your stairs for the ultimate cardio test
  • Pull out a sturdy chair to give you an incline while doing push-ups
  • Fill up your backpack to a safe weight and practice squats and lunges
  • Lean against your walls for planks and stretches
  • Your favorite laundry detergent makes for the ideal dumbbell
  • Paper plates make fantastic sliders when your doing mountain climbers
  • Yoga mat = beach towels
  • Just starting out? Soup or vegetable cans make great light weights