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Simple Ways to Spread Kindness 

What the world needs now is love; showing kindness is more important than ever! We have compiled a list of ways to help show kindness through the uncertainties we are all facing right now. Check in on your neighbors, support local businesses, and send words of encouragement to your loved ones. It never hurts to show a little extra kindness, so slow down, sing from your balcony and relax, we are going to be okay.


Support your Local Stores and Restaurants by Purchasing Gift Cards


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It’s time to check in on those local businesses! As you may know, it’s hard for them to stay afloat during this tough time. Some ways to show love to local stores and restaurants are by purchasing gift cards and sharing their content on social media! A ton of businesses are running deals when you buy gift cards that include perks! This way, they can stay open now and you can enjoy later. Your future self with thank you!


Check on your Neighbors


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Knock knock! What better way to spread the love than starting with your next door neighbor? Get their number and help each other out by sending words of encouragement, making sure they are doing okay and leaving fun surprises on their doorstep like toilet paper. S/O to Taylor Swift for giving us some prime examples!


Make Homemade Cards for your Friends


Making Cards 300X200 - Simple Ways to Spread Kindness


Get crafty! One way to enjoy your time at home, while also spreading the love to your friends and family, is to make homemade cards and send them off! Bust out those leftover Valentines Day supplies, pull out the craft drawer and roll up your sleeves, because your loved ones are about to get the best homemade card ever! Go the extra mile and send a card or two to your local hospital, fire department, or grocery store, thanking those working for all their help. Start a kindness and words of encouragement train!


Offer Grocery Pick-Up for Your Neighbors


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If you’re able, offer your services to go to the store for those who can’t! What better way to protect others and spread kindness? Offering to go to the store for others is the perfect act of service. Stores are packed, people are stressed and not everyone is able to go. Post on social media, reach out to your coworkers, family and friends and see how you can bring a light to their life.