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NEW! NOM! NOM! NOM! Frisco Edition 

NEW! NOM! NOM! NOM! Frisco Edition

You’ll feel as if you’ve been around the world and back again in one trip to Frisco, where the foodie scene spans the flavors of the globe. Head down under with a new coffee shop, go south of the border with a churro concept, swing east for boba tea and Japanese crêpes, then right back down south for some better-than-mama’s fried chicken.


Bubba’s Cooks Country

Must Order: Fried Chicken & Mashed Potatoes

If you’ve ever experienced Bubba’s in Dallas, or Babe’s Chicken Dinner house in Frisco, you have an idea of what you can expect at Bubba’s Cooks Country: better-than-mama’s-cooked-to-perfection fried chicken. And ALL. THE. FIXINS. We’re talking mashed potatoes, green beans, yeast rolls, black eyed peas…the list goes on.


Aussie Grind

Must Order: a Flat White & Avocado Toast

A Millennial’s dream, this concept started by two Australian transplants specializes in specialty coffee and clean bites like avocado toast. For the more adventurous, Aussie Grind serves up beetroot-cured salmon, breakfast mushrooms with crunchy polenta, and Aussie favorite, vegemite.


Hiccups & Churroholic

Must Order: a Mangonada & a Churro Sandwich

This spot houses two highly Instagrammable concepts under one roof: Hiccups Teahouse and Churroholic. Hiccups specializes in Asian drinks that come in every wild color imaginable, like Mangonadas, Vietmamese iced tea, and Boba with add-ons like lychee-coconut jelly. As the name would indicate, Churroholiuc serves specialty churros in exotic flavors like matcha and fruity pebbles.


Didi’s Downtown

Must Order: the Texican Chicken

Chef Scott Hoffner has opened Didi’s Downtown family restaurant in the third oldest house in Frisco (built in 1912), serving up a menu of scratch-made food. Don’t miss the giant mural on the side of the building, featuring a railroad, which is an homage to the restaurant’s location in Frisco’s Rail District. Now about that Texican Chicken…it’s a fried chicken breast topped with salsa verde and pickled jalapeños, served with eloté and sourdough bread.


TSwirl Crêpe

Must Order: the Spicy Crabmeat crêpe

No, TSwirl Crêpe isn’t that new hip-hop artist your kids are listening to; it’s the latest crêpe craze to hit Frisco. What sets TSwirl apart is its Japanese influence—look for flavors like Okinawa hot dog, shrimp avocado, egg white mushroom truffle, and lychee. Of course they have the standbys like banana chocolate, too. On the go? No prob! These crêpes are designed to be handheld.